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United States
Hello there ^-^ I do digital art and traditional art. I mostly draw furries and fanart. I often jump over to different fandoms, my favorites show that completely xD By the way, if I'm not posting often, I'm either busy or I don't have enough data on my phone to take pictures :3 I read ALL my comments, and I will most likely reply!

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Current Obbsession(s): Twenty One Pilots (tyjo and jishwa too not just the music), Dan and Phil

Some stuff I love



Happy Easter!

Please zoom in, it looks better!

happy Easter everybody! i had to draw this in like an hour so sorry if it looks a bit rushed Derpy Derp also yeah sorry for being so inactive and stuff... been busy w/ school but it's vacation rn so i'll try to upload more Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] criticism is much appreciated. (forgot to add this character belongs to me xD)
im not dead just thought id let you know

Please zoom in, it looks better!

((REDRAW)) the original looked like crap so i redrew it and changed the file

i just want the badge

i finally have time to work on the requests, just thought id let you know i didnt forget about them lol (im almost done with the line art for one of em)
Don't Go Outside [Pg 2]

Please zoom in, it looks much better!

are you surprised that i actually made a second page
i actually like the idea for this comic tho so i wanna keep making it 
plus i see people who make comics improve a lot
but tell me if you like the idea for this comic cause i dont wanna make something nobody cares about
Diarmuid belongs to me. criticism is much appreciated.

btw if you cant tell whats happening

[first panel] Diarmuid walking through the hall
[second panel] Diarmuid peeking around the wall into the kitchen
[third panel] screen door is seen open

(yes i know the glass texture continues on into what's supposed to be the outdoors just shhh)
tagged by :iconamiecris: this will never end... we have been freed from boredom

i might have accidentally submitted this when i was only on fact 3... shhhh


1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Tag 13 people (only tagging amie huehuehue)
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED

o mai gawd it's some facts

1. for some reason i always have this one word that i respond to when i have no idea what to say... right now it's potato. (be proud of meDanisnotonfire 2)

2. sooo as a fangirl i always bite the side of my hands (where the thumb is) when the people im obsessed with do something adorable... idk manDanisnotonfire 9 

3. dunno if ive said this before but i used to do cheerleading and gymnastics but then i realized i suck at that crap and also despised it and just quit both of them randomly .-. also to quit cheerleading we apparently had to go up to the coach, look at them straight in the eye, and tell them you want to quit... i never did Danisnotonfire 10 IDC Dan edition 

4. ok so... does anyone else get emotional over their own fanfictions...? Danisnotonfire 19 

5. one time in like kindergarten or something we had to choose a partner then do this thing where we would write a story then get our partner to correct grammar mistakes (simple ones like punctuation and whatever) but anyway i corrected my friend's and i was like "good job i dont see any mistakes!" and then later they came back up to me and said something like "the teacher said you suck at this look at all these red marks" 
Danisnotonfire Emoticon ...BUT HEY now i correct people in real life even when they don't ask me to Danisnotonfire 17 

6. so in my school we have an after school program (obviously) called asp (o look another obvious thingDanisnotonfire 18 ) and if i finish my homework early i either draw or look up random animals Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): Phil Kisses Lion 

7. i love it when animals lay on me, theyre just so cute (my cat is laying on my lap rn im dying of adorablenessKitty!Dan smile )

8. i was listening to mcr's 'Cancer' and i saw this emoticonDanisnotonfire 7 (i died of laughter AmazingPhil 7 )

9. whenever a conversation dies and it gets awkward i just ask "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE SONG?" (im sure somebody has thought 'why does this crazy person keep asking me the same question' What [YT AmazingPhil] )

10. tbh filling in this many facts was really easy because i just looked at the Dan and Phil emoticons and i was like "OMAGAWD I CAN USE THESE TO THINK OF FAAAAAAAAAAACTS" and then i just kinda thought of facts about myself that would fit with the emoticon No one is watching! IT WORKS TRY IT NEXT TIME YOU CANT THINK OF ANYTHING (no i didnt do it for every single one of these xD)

11. my favorite emoticon rn is IDC Dan edition xD

12. i used to be like super flexible because of gymnastics and now im like "you want me to do the splits? pfft good joke man" Danisnotonfire 16 

13. i used to hate real christmas trees because i was like "THEY TAKE TOO LONG TO OPEN UP I WANNA DECORATE NOOOOOW" 
Phil Lester / AmazingPhil Wreath and now im just like "either tree is fine with me, i dont wanna decorate anyway" idk why i just don't like decorating anymore AmazingPhil 2 

questions from amieeee

1. Do you play any videogames? If so, list your Top 5 favorites.
um of course i play videogames i would die without them xD
5. minecraft
it's a good game, but people say they hate it when it's just the fanbase that they hate (tbh i don't like the fanbase either -.-') but anyway it's really laggy on my computer for some reasonShrugs 

4. terraria
i love this game, but it gets boring after a while Onion Icon 

3. garry's mod
i basically just do roleplays by myself because idk it's fun?? plus since it's a game about mods there's always something new to do WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 

good game, i love how theres always a new game to play jerry mouse scream intensifies icon 

1. Dinosaur Simulator (on ROBLOX)
you didnt specify what you meant by games... sooo it's my favorite game on ROBLOX because I have good dinos and i know tricks Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 

2. Top 10 Overall OTPs?
oH MY GAWD SO MANY LISTS (also another person who understands that you CAN have more than one otp...good child xD)

10. Rin Kagamine x Miku Hatsune (don't know the ship name)
i dunno it just seemed cute to me xD

9. Hoodie x Masky (don't know the ship name)
i read some fanfictions that had this ship in it and i started to like it 

8. Kirito x Asuna (don't know the ship name)
it's adorable ok

7. Ayano Aishi x Budo Masuta (don't know the ship name)
i know she's supposed to love senpai but this is just really cute??

6. Septiishu (Jacksepticeye x Wiishu)
ok have you seen their valentine's day vid? theyre so adorable together >//w//<

5. Septic Eye Sam x Tiny Box Tim (don't know the ship name)
i really love this because of DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk they made it seem so dang cute o//w//o

4. Tom x Tord (only in the monsters apartment au)
it's only cute when it's the monsters apartment au.

3. Flippy x Flaky (don't know the ship name)
i dunno i read a lot of fanfictions of it and since theyre my two favorite characters in happy tree friends i just really liked it xD

2. BEN Drowned x Jeff the Killer (don't know the ship name)
wHY IS THIS SO CUTE HALP do i actually ship two insane, sadistic murders? ...yes, yes i do. Ben Drowned SMILE EMOTE Happy Jeff 2 (emoticon-gif) now kiss

1. Phan (Dan Howell x Phil Lester)
ok hAVE YOU SEEN THEIR VIDEOS Phan 2 Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): falling for you Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): I'm Flying Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): llama make out Phan 1 Dan and Phil  Dancing Dan and Phil Dance 2 IT'S SO OBVIOUS

3. What was the weirdest thing you've ever done in public?
i think i went to a restaurant in my pajamas once

4. What was the weirdest thing you've ever seen/walked in to out of context?
walking into the kitchen to find my sprawled out across the cold kitchen floor

5. Look up "Mountain Chicken" on Google. What's your first reaction to what you saw?
well my friend had already showed me so i had no reaction

6. If you could have the powers/abilities of any fictional character, whose powers would you take and why?
BEN Drowned's powers. that dude has skillz

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
that one friend who i ask to play a game and then not even a minute into it they leave the game and say "im bored" Danisnotonfire 13 Danisnotonfire 4 YOU DIDNT EVEN TRY THE FREAKIN GAME Danisnotonfire 7 Danisnotonfire 18 Danisnotonfire 9 
dont be that friend.

8. Would you rather stay up really, really late (past 3 am) and wake up at an average time (around 7 or 8 am) or sleep in early (around 9 or 10 pm) and wake up super early (around 4 or 5 am)?
stay up really late and wake up at an average time

9. If you haven't already, would you ever consider watching any of the X Men movies, watching any of the X Men animated series's, or reading any of the comics? If you have seen anything X Men related already, what did you think of it and who was your favorite?
ehh i dont think ill watch any of it, it just doesnt look very interesting to me

10. Have you ever eaten something you weren't supposed to eat before? If so, what was it and why did you do it?
sorry for being boring but i dont remember ever doing that xD

11. Can you do a cartwheel? 
i used to be able to but now im a potato who 100% cannot do anything like that xD

12. What was the dumbest thing/mistake you've ever done in your life? Any regrets?
oh boy i dunno if i can choose... ive done some pretty stupid stuff xD ehh but i do have a story of something extremely idiotic and embarassing i did in like 1st or 2nd grade -//w//- basically we were waiting in line to leave and go home and if you know the series Charlie the Unicorn you should know the millipede song... yeah well i was at the front of the line and so was a boy and i grabbed his hands and did that weird wiggle-arm dance thing (FOUND AN EMOTICON THAT SHOWS IT Frisk Dance Emoticon <-- basically that but i had his hands in mine) and sang "I AM A MILLIPEDE I AM AMAAAAZING" ...he almost fell and the teacher just kinda glared at me... omg that must be why i hate being at the front of lines Whoot?  mystery solved 

13. You get to re-live the best moment of your life. What moment are you re-living and how do you feel about getting to experience that one time all over again?
probably watching TATINOF for the first time. no, thats not just because it's Dan and Phil's movie... okay thats partly the reason but also because it was a good memory. i had just gotten YouTube Red that day ^-^ i was alone on my bed at my old house (which i loved so much and kinda miss it) and everyone was asleep except me. i got potato chips, cool ranch doritos, and a water bottle and wrapped myself in a warm blanket while sitting on my chair and watched it on my computer. (i remember it way too well xD) i watched their second movie afterwards and went to bed really happy. but i dont know what you mean by experiencing it again? do you mean if i already knew it happened? because if i already knew it happened then i would just kinda sit there and be happy, just not AS happy because of how many times ive watched their movies :I but if I didnt know it happened already then i would just feel the exact same as i did when it happened  Danisnotonfire 13

questions for amieeee
1. favorite meme?
2. top 10 favorite colors?
3. whats your biggest pet peeve?
4. if you had to choose one thing to do for the rest of your life what would you choose?
5. top 10 favorite creepypastas?
6. top 10 favorite games?
7. favorite creepypasta ship? (if you have one)
8. do you ever have midnight snacks? if so, how often?
9. soda or water?
10. in the emoticons, search 'birb' ...your reaction?
11. top 10 favorite songs?
12. what is your opinion on mary sues?
13. if you write fanfiction, do you ever get emotionally attached to it as if it was someone elses

obviously :iconamiecris: is the only one i tag


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